Looking for a Financial Adviser in Bridgnorth?



Looking for a Financial Adviser in Bridgnorth?

Are you looking for a Financial Adviser in Bridgnorth?

Our team of financial Advisers are based just off the main Bridgnorth Highstreet. We provide financial advice to a wide range of clients in and around the Bridgnorth area and throughout the West Midlands.

What We Do

We are a firm of Chartered Financial Advisers, focused on helping you understand and plan for your financial future. We act on your behalf in advising you on investments and non-investment insurance contracts.

Shortfall Analysis & Financial Plan

Our Advisers will work directly with you to produce a personalised financial plan which covers the areas of financial services relevant to your age, financial position and objectives. There will be no charge for our initial analysis which includes, but is not limited to the following areas.

Pre – Retirement Planning

  • Discussion of when you wish to retire and the minimum / desired income you will need in retirement.
  • Discuss any other short / medium / long term savings requirements, such as school fees.
  • Review the amount of state benefits you will be entitled to and when these will be paid.
  • Review your existing retirement provisions in terms of contributions and existing arrangements.
  • Highlight any shortfalls in your provisions and make recommendations to address these shortfalls.

At – Retirement Planning

Provide an overview of the income that your financial arrangements can provide today and in the future.

Review your main retirement options, with bespoke illustrations based on your circumstances.

Explain the options available to you, in terms of income provision / death benefits / value for money.

Estate Planning

Your Adviser will review your existing Wills and Powers of Attorney if these are already in place.
If these aren’t in place, we will highlight the implications of not having a Will and Powers of Attorney.

You will receive an overview of your potential inheritance tax liability and the options available to legally mitigate this.

Your Adviser will also review your financial arrangements if you have any in place, this is to ensure the correct trust’s and expression of wish documents have been completed.

If you haven’t completed these documents it’s not to worry, as new ones can be completed for you.


Your adviser will highlight the financial impact of your death or being unable to work due to long term or critical illness.

We will also review any existing arrangements you have in place, including potential employee and state benefits.

Our goal is to highlight any shortfalls in your protection provisions and make recommendations to address these where needed.

Free Initial Consultation

To book your free initial consultation with one of our Chartered Advisers based in Bridgnorth. You can call us on 0345 688 4939 or fill in our enquiry form below, it only takes 20 seconds to complete.

One of our Advisers will then contact you as soon as possible, to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals and objectives. Our Chartered status is an assurance we operate to the highest standards. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing how we can help with your financial planning.

“Eleven years ago I retired and not being financially educated I was faced with what was the legal and financial implications in accessing my retirement fund. Initially it was panic stations with the plethora of options and pitfalls to overcome.

At this point I was introduced to the Howard Wright Organisation that was very local. My first meeting quickly unravelled the options available, and without any external pressure I was able to make my decision concerning a Draw Down Option.

Considering the volatile  market and financial nightmares over these past 11 years my decision has been proved correct. They have protected my fund and allowed me to sleep at night by operating a brilliant  flexible system that continually updates me, plus a brilliant start of year meeting so I can assess the way forward for any upcoming period.

We are so pleased with the outcome that when my wife retired she went along the same route”

Mr FJ & Mrs AM Thorneycroft

“I have been a client of Howard Wright for several years and have always been looked after well and been given good advice particularly latterly by Gareth Robinson. I can highly recommend this company”
Mrs S Worrall


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