To answer the question of what should my financial adviser be doing, you need to think to yourself, what are they are doing today for me and what have they done previously to justify their ongoing fee.

The following points below are the key areas where your adviser should be adding value.


Regular communication is key to a successful financial plan to not only keep you informed as to how your plan and investments are performing but to also ensure your adviser is keeping up to date with any changes to your circumstances and regulations within the financial services industry.
At Howard Wright as part of our Portfolio Management Service, we send our clients a weekly and monthly performance update via our eshot service, to keep you constantly informed as to how your investments are performing.


Performance is key to any successful financial plan, your adviser should regularly inform you of how your investments are performing and how they have performed compared to the relevant benchmarks. If your investment portfolio is underperforming the relevant benchmarks, then questions need to be asked.

Regular Reviews

Your financial plan and investments should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure you are on track to achieve your objectives.
At Howard Wright our Clients receive at a minimum of one Review meeting per year, increasing to three meetings depending on the value of your investments under management.

Forward Thinking

Your adviser should be forward thinking, always looking to bring new ideas to the table and improvements to your ongoing service, this is to ensure you have the best client experience as possible.
At Howard Wright its of our opinion that you need to constantly develop your business and proposition, to stay ahead of the curve and provide the best financial advice possible.

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Our Chartered Status is the highest accreditation possible for a firm of Financial Advisers and is an assurance we operate to the highest standards.

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